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The Message, Story of Isl...
It is the 7th Century in Mecca, where powerful leaders are in conflict with Muhammad who attacks their way of life and t..

The Boy and the King
The Story of Obaid.

Lion of Ain Jaloot
Taking you back in history to the 13th century, this remarkable true story recounts the saga of one man and one nation t..

Islamic Documentaries

Islam Empire of Faith
Islam: Empire of Faith is a documentary series, made in 2000, that details the history of Islam, from the birth of the I..

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon H...
A lively, thorough, and revealing portrait of Muhammad, the man and the Prophet. It takes viewers not only to the world ..

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon H...
Its being called the first animated film by Muslims to premiere in North America. 'Muhammad: The Last Prophet' aims to t..

Qari Mishary Alafasy
Quran Recitation by Mishary Alafasy.

Prophets of Islam
Stories of Prophets of Islam.

Harun Yahya
Adnan Oktar (born 1956), also known as Harun Yahya,[1] is an author and Islamic creationist

Habil and Kabil
Habil and Kabil

Lion of the Desert
Lion of the Desert.

Abdul Rahman al Sudais
Quranic Surah recited by As Sudais

Stories of The Prophets b...
A program based on the History of the Prophets, aired on Peace TV.