About Us

Islam Box is the new, exciting and easy way to watch Islamic Television from around the world without purchasing and installing big satellites.

Islam Box uses your existing broadband internet connection and connects to Islam Box Servers spread around the globe to gain access to Islamic Channels like Islam Channel from UK, Express News from Pakistan, Peace TV from India, Bridges Television from USA, Huda TV from Egypt and list goes on.

Islamic Television has become an integral part of Muslims living all over the world specially living in west, with so many inappropriate channels present, Muslims from all over the world can now view five daily prayers from Makkah and Madina, Saudi Arabia through Islam Box on Saudi State Television 1 and Saudi State Television 2. Muslims originally from Pakistan and India, now living in west can understand and learn Islamic teaching through Peace TV on Islam Box. Muslims originally from Middle East and now living in West can always watch AlMajd Satellite Channel, Sharjah TV and many more on Islam Box to keep them abreast. Younger generation can always turn to Islam Channel, Peace TV, Saudi2 and Bridges TV on Islam Box to learn about their religion and culture. For young ones we have Ajyal TV Channel on IslamBox to give them right upbringing what they deserve.